About InfoArtist

I'm Mark McElroy: author, corporate communicator, and digital storyteller. I'm a little obsessed with creating, capturing, and communicating useful information.

At InfoArtist.com, I blog about apps and strategies of interest to anyone involved in brainstorming, mind-mapping, taking notes, outlining ideas, curating information, organizing thoughts, creating databases, and conducting research. 

I also share practical ideas for packaging and sharing that information in engaging, attractive documents, books, stories, presentations, and new media, including DVDs, podcasts, videos, and blog posts. After all -- if you can't share what you create or capture in a way that appeals to your audience, there's not much point in creating or capturing things in the first place. 

Every job I've ever held -- teacher, speaker, writer, trainer, communicator -- has revolved around the art of capturing information, making useful things with it, and sharing it with others in the most engaging format possible. In fact, that's how I make my living today. (I'm a communications and organizational development specialist for The Company -- a well-known organization that won't allow me to use their name on a personal blog.)

Over the coming months, expect:

- advanced tips for power users of Evernote, SimpleNote, Penultimate, Notebooks, and other note-taking software.

- detailed reviews of brainstorming and mind-mapping software (including titles like Curio, Popplet, Inspiro, iThoughtsHD, Infinote, Oblique Strategies, Ruminate, and iMandalArtHD).

- strategies for generating ideas and seeing all-too-familiar information from fresh perspectives

- step-by-step guides to creating the most effective PowerPoint and Keynote presentations possible

- presentation secrets gleaned from almost thirty years of experience as a public speaker and workshop leader.

If you like what you read here, please consider following InfoArtist on Twitter, subscribing to my RSS feed, or passing articles you enjoyed on to others. I also maintain a personal website, MadeByMark.com, where I blog about life in Atlanta and other obsessions (primarily food, faith, technology, and travel).


The ideas and opinions I share here are my own. They're not for sale. I don't receive compensation of any kind in return for the comments I make about specific products or services. When I use an app or gadget or service, I pay for it with my own money, just like you do.